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Jennifer Raymond, founder of Mamazou (the new social network for parents) explains why the site has been created…

Today’s parents have access to more information than the parents of yesterday via the internet and are able to arm themselves with knowledge, tips, and tricks. I saw a lack of social space for real parents to not only read information, but to talk and engage with one another from all over the world.

Throughout my research, I realised that there are sites that offer some of my vision, but are cluttered and overbearing. During the design phase I strove to do the opposite. I wanted Mamazou to be simplistic in design and easy to navigate. We are so busy as parents, that we really don’t have the spare time to navigate through congestion to find what we need.

There are plenty of parenting websites that post news articles and doctor recommendations for parents, but none that allow parents to talk openly. Mamazou is that space.


Primarily, Mamazou forums allow parents to discuss topics ranging from sleep patterns, baby led weaning, and even the more messy topics like nappy business. I created groups that are easy to navigate through to the information relevant to our users. Members can also create their own too.

Mamazou has been very fortunate in teaming up with some well known companies to enable members to win some fantastic giveaways, which are run on a monthly basis.

Mamazou has members from all over the world, right here in the United Kingdom, all the way to the United States, Denmark, South Africa, Canada and more. We all have different parenting styles; Mamazou is a community where parents are able to view and share those perspectives without judgment.

I look forward to seeing you online!


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