Mumpreneur Magazine August 2015

Mumpreneur Magazine June 2015


Mumpreneur Magazine has been published since 2012 in both a hardcopy and online format. Research and feedback has shown that the best return and the highest number of readers are coming from our online edition so we’ve decided to make some changes. Each edition starting from July 2014 will be exclusively online which is great news for our readers, featured stories and our advertisers!

  • Readers: We know how frustrating it is to see a gorgeous product in a magazine and then later forgetting the website you could buy it from. Our online magazine will give you the option to click directly through to the website and purchase in seconds!
  • Features: Our featured stories and articles will be available to readers across the globe with no restriction on distribution! This will allow a much larger audience to learn all about you and your business!
  • Advertisers: Not only does the new distribution give you a much wider audience for your promotions but the reduced production cost means a significant drop in advertising costs, in some cases as much as 75%!!

To book a space or an editorial in any of the above features simply select email [email protected]