Mumpreneur UK was started by two women who both fall under the category of “Mumpreneur”. Amanda Farren and Laura Rigney have 7 children between them, and have previously run their own individual award winning businesses alongside Mumpreneur UK.

Amanda and Laura came together to organise the very first Mumpreneur Conference in 2009, after finding other mainstream business events did not cater for the needs of mums running their own business. They have a genuine passion to support and celebrate others who are taking on the important role of juggling family life with starting up and running a business.

After their first event, they realised that the women they were targeting needed the support and resources they provided on an annual basis more readily available and set about creating Mumpreneur UK. The Mumpreneur Conference & Awards are a way to bring together those parents who are building businesses together to celebrate their achievements and the successes of others

Since Mumpreneur UK launched in 2010 Amanda and Laura have been overwhelmed with its success. They have many plans that would ever increase the support currently offered and have carried out research to assess the most important hurdles mothers face when investigating their options

Things have changed slightly since Mumpreneur UK started. Amanda left Mumpreneur UK in 2012 to pursue a career in design and marketing whilst Laura continues to run and manage the organisation on a day to day basis.

Amanda continues to assist in various aspects of Mumpreneur UK whenever needed and Laura is certainly grateful for the help!

Whilst Mumpreneur UK continues to grow and evolve we are always open to ideas and feedback from all of our users so if there’s anything you would like to get in touch about, please email [email protected]