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Razzamataz Theatre Schools is a franchise business which gives franchisees the opportunity to run their own part-time performing arts schools but within a time structure that suits them, making it ideal for mums who want to be able to balance a rewarding career with looking after their children.

Razzamataz has many proven systems, procedures and operating documents for our franchisees that have proved to work time and again. From press releases that you can send to your local newspapers to advertising and marketing plans, Razzamataz will help you every step of the way, making the business ideal for those who have been out of the work place for a while bringing up children.

Meet some of our successful mum franchisees, who combine having their own rewarding business with being mums to children ranging from newborns to college students.

Claire Blower, mum of two young daughters

Claire has taught at numerous dance and theatre schools across the East Midlands as well as working as a dancer and choreographer before having her daughters. “I launched in September 2011 when my daughter Holly was six and Freya had just turned one! It was difficult in the early days and involved lots of late nights and grabbing bits of time as and when I could. My business has grown as my girls have so now my youngest is at nursery I have two full days in the office. The rest is still a bit of a juggling act but can easily be fitted in around my children. When both children are at school full time, I will be able to structure my week even better and hopefully limit the late night working sessions! Not that I am wishing the time away, the early years are so precious and running my Razzamataz School has allowed me to combine being a mummy and running a business. The best aspect of being my own boss is flexibility. Although having structure is important the majority of the work can be done at anytime. If things don’t go according to plan (as all of us with children know happens!) I can always be there for them. If they are poorly or something special is happening at school, I can be there – without having a boss to answer to! With Razzamataz only being open during term time this also allows me to spend school holidays with my children. Not only having quality time with them but also avoiding extra childcare costs. Although don’t get me wrong -there is often work to be done during the holidays too, to ensure the success of the following term. That’s when my juggling skills come back into play! But I really wouldn’t have it any other way. When I look at other mums at the school gates, dashing to and from work, I realise how lucky I am. I do something I absolutely love which fits around my main job ‘being mum!’ Working from home benefits family life with the small things too. Being able to hang the washing out and prepare the evening meal are very simple things which can become much more stressful when you’re away from home all day.”

Shelley Fitzgibbon mum of baby girl

Shelley made the move from ex-professional performer and fitness expert to full-time entrepreneur with multiple schools in just one year. Shelley has a baby girl, Ayiana age 15 months, and runs Razzamataz Wokingham and Woodley. “After working in Musicals all my life I had no savings or financial security to start my own business. Razzamataz offered an attractive finance package that I was able to pay off termly without even noticing as my schools were so successful. Now I am able to juggle being a mummy and work in an industry that I am so very passionate about and now the finance is paid off I am starting to reap the benefits. Both my businesses had quite humble launches that then doubled in size that first term. The run up to launch can be very stressful, rewarding, exciting and nerve wrecking. Head office provided some excellent ‘launch planners’. I need to have things sent to me in bite size chunks and these check lists really helped me.”


Lisa Roberts, mum of two boys, one at college, one at school

Former professional actress and full time mum, Lisa had no business background before launching Razzamataz in Rickmansworth. “After having the children, I took a back seat with my acting career in order to be there on a regular basis for the boys but as they got older, I really wanted to pursue my own dreams. I remembered Razzamataz from Dragons’ Den and after some research, felt that it was the right option for us as a family. The support and training I get means that I can get help and advice on any aspect of our business and although it has been hard at times, it has also been a fantastic and rewarding way of working, allowing me to continue to be there for the family while running my own business.”

Hayley Limpkin, newborn baby boy

Hayley Limpkin opened full on day one after giving up a high-flying corporate career. She has won various awards and currently runs flagship schools Razzamataz Medway and Maidstone and has recently had a baby boy. “Focus on the things that matter most, that is your customers and your product – keep the classes fresh, funky and exciting, treat your customers (i.e. students / parents / contacts at the papers / local schools) how you would want to be treated and create plenty of exciting opportunities for them.  I’m currently on maternity leave but I have built up such a fantastic team of staff that I can be assured that the quality of teaching and management is excellent in my absence.”

Could this be you?

If you want to combine your love of the performing arts with the demands of a busy family life, make an appointment to come along to one of our regular but informal Discovery Den days in London, Glasgow or Sheffield to find out more about this exciting and flexible business opportunity. To book a place on one of our Discovery Dens, contact [email protected] or [email protected] to find out exact dates and locations and reserve your time slot. Alternatively call 01228 550129 or visit for more info.

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