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  • Six Strategies For Balancing Work And Family Life

    Feb 19, 13 • 8948 Views • ArticlesComments Off

    Six strategies for balancing work and family life When I made the decision to become self-employed several years ago, it was mainly driven by the need, as a single parent, to be flexible around my family life. At the same time, I was wary of how working from…

  • How to start standing in your power with money

    Feb 15, 13 • 220 Views • ArticlesComments Off

    You may have heard the saying that ‘How you do one thing is how you do everything’ – which, when you stop to think about it, is a big statement in itself. However, when it comes to earning, saving, being in debt and really getting to grips with your…

  • A Mother and Accidental Entrepreneur

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    In December 2007 I left my position in a Central London recruitment firm work to go on 12 months maternity leave. The economy at the time was still booming and 2007 had been a particularly bumper year for me. As result I left a positive firm with a positive…

  • 10 Things I’ve Learnt In My First Year of Business

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    My first year of business has been a steep learning curve for me. Here are some things I have learnt… 1. To expect some real ‘highs and lows’. Whether it is worrying about the amount of business you are getting, difficult people, fantastic…

  • Find The Time You Never Knew You Had

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    Ever feel that there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done? Do you feel guilty that you aren’t spending time on the things or with the people that are most important to you? Do you long to have some ‘me’ time and give yourself the…

  • Q&A With Katie Ledger

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    What are your top three tips to becoming a successful entrepreneur? ‘Think like a freelancer’ – As an entrepreneur you are totally responsible for bringing in the business. If you don’t get the business, you don’t get paid – simple as that….

  • 10 Top Tips for Building a Successful Company

    Feb 15, 13 • 232 Views • ArticlesComments Off

    Rule #1: Look for disruptive change If you’re about to start on a new venture, ask yourself: What is becoming possible or necessary that wasn’t possible before? Is a new product or service able to take over an existing market or create a new market? When…

  • Linkedin Top Tips

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    Realising the potential of your LinkedIn network The way customers expect to engage with brands is changing. Social media is increasingly becoming the first port of call for consumers looking for advice or to learn about products they’re interested in. This…

  • The Importance of Naming Your Pages

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    If you are building a website that has important information for potential customers on pages other than the main homepage you’ll want to ensure that you have adequately named your pages. This is also important when it comes to adding pages to…

  • Twitter – Part 2

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    I have been saying it for ages but sadly people don’t seem to be listening. So I will keep on saying it until people do. I get really angry when I see so many missed opportunities that occur on Twitter. People are so caught up in this ‘get more…