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  • chair

    Tempted to start your own business? 5 lessons I’ve learnt as MD

    Jun 19, 13 • 492 Views • Start UpComments Off

     One of the best things about going it alone is the opportunity to pour your heart and soul into something you love, every single day. That was certainly the catalyst for me when I decided to leave my corporate role at Sony and share my passion for unlocking…

  • winner

    Competitions – why they are so good for business?

    Jun 10, 13 • 1131 Views • Marketing & PRComments Off

    Thursday 15 June 2006 sticks in my mind as if it was yesterday … At 12:20 the phone rang – It was the Daily Express calling to tell me I’d won a £30,000 convertible car via a competition I’d entered the previous week. I was 30 weeks pregnant with my…


    Overcoming entrepreneurial block

    Apr 16, 13 • 506 Views • Be InspiredComments Off

    For an aspiring entrepreneur, entrepreneurial block can be crippling. During a lengthy bout of entrepreneurial inertia, it can be tempting to cast your start up dreams aside, and stick to living a more conventional working life. Cultivating new concepts can…

  • mum

    Some Tips for the Aspiring Mumpreneur

    Mar 4, 13 • 414 Views • Start UpComments Off

    An increasing number of women are making the switch from nine-to-five drudgery to running their own business, allowing them to take control of their professional lives and achieve a better work/life balance. It’s a tough trading environment though, with…

  • relax

    A Mumpreneurs Guide to Taking it Easy in Business!

    Feb 22, 13 • 360 Views • Family & WellbeingComments Off

    As a working mother I often ask myself, is running a business compatible with family life? Running your own business often requires more work than the standard 9am-5pm hours of a standard job, especially in the early days. Whether it’s working through the…

  • cart

    How to start selling online in 30 days

    Feb 21, 13 • 347 Views • Sales & GrowthComments Off

    Dan Matthews, editor of eCommerce journal, explains the basics behind setting up an eCommerce business and selling in 30 days. The truth is, you don’t even need 30 days to start selling online, anyone who has peddled their…

  • Mums Continue Strong Trend Towards Running Businesses And Families

    Feb 19, 13 • 255 Views • ArticlesComments Off

    Mums continue strong trend towards running businesses and families There are encouraging signs that mums continue to be inspired to set up and run their own small, and not-so-small businesses. However for some mums, starting a business from scratch appears to…

  • RTI – Biggest Change In Payroll From HMRC Since 1944

    Feb 19, 13 • 217 Views • ArticlesComments Off

    When the Coalition Government came to power they instituted a “one-in, one-out” policy for new employment legislation as part of their Red Tape Challenge, a drive to reduce the burdensome rules and regulations that hamper small businesses and the self…

  • How To Tell The World About Your Business

    Feb 19, 13 • 262 Views • ArticlesComments Off

    Shout it from the roof-tops – how to tell the world about your business   Whatever your business you need to tell people about it and there are lots of different ways to do it. It’s sometimes hard to know what you should be doing and when. And when…

  • Tax doesn’t have to be taxing….but it certainly can be!

    Feb 19, 13 • 335 Views • ArticlesComments Off

    Tax doesn’t have to be taxing – but it certainly can be! Undoubtedly one of the most stressful periods for any fledgling business owner is when the time comes to complete their first Self Assessment tax return. Depending on how your business is…