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  • pad

    Are You Working ‘In’ or ‘On’ Your Business?

    Jun 5, 14 • 2168 Views • Be InspiredComments Off

    Even when I was a little girl I was fascinated with “business women”.  To me it seemed a world full of glamour: gorgeous clothes, fancy offices, the air of importance.  The reality of my professional life was that the ‘glamorous’ world was a little…

  • bai

    Trend Setting Mums

    Jun 4, 14 • 2130 Views • Start UpComments Off

    Bairnz Boutique started in May 2013 when myself (Lorraine McRobert) and my business partner and lifelong friend Tracy Dunlop, reached a cross road in our life. We both have 2 children, our boys (now aged 5 and 6) and our girls (2 and 4 years). Having worked…

  • hi5

    High Five for Entrepreneurial Mums!

    Jun 4, 14 • 2245 Views • Start UpComments Off

    Starting a business is never easy, but with family and fun in mind Michelle Tait and Katie Barnett were determined to do just that. Here, Michelle tells their story… I suppose there was just something in me that was determined to succeed at…

  • sex

    What age is the RIGHT age?

    Jun 3, 14 • 2188 Views • Family & WellbeingComments Off

    Research released today by AVG Technologies, (NYSE: AVG),the online security company™ for 187 million active users, has revealed that by the age of ten years old, most children today will have already had their first ‘facts of life’ talk with their…

  • daisy-3416_640

    Can you help save Mumpreneur UK?

    May 14, 14 • 2905 Views • ArticlesComments Off

    Mumpreneur UK has now been operating for five years. During that time, the organisation has grown beyond our wildest dreams and whilst this is something we should be celebrating, it has left us in quite a difficult position. With growth comes extra work and…

  • shivani

    Inspirational Mumpreneur

    Apr 7, 14 • 2542 Views • Be InspiredComments Off

    A career woman, mother, wife, charity worker and inspirational figure, Shivani Patel is extremely passionate about dentistry and in 2010 opened elleven dental ( – an award-winning, highly specialist dental and orthodontics…

  • workingwoman

    Nearly half of British mums say having children has hampered career progression

    Mar 28, 14 • 2730 Views • Family & WellbeingComments Off

    Majority believe they are not considered to be as reliable by employers since giving birth…

  • mumsdaily

    How mums are spending their daily lives in 2014

    Mar 27, 14 • 2674 Views • Family & WellbeingComments Off

    The IPA TouchPoints5 data, published today (27th March), reveals an unrivalled perspective of how people are spending their daily lives and how they are consuming media, and has provided some fascinating new insights about mums. The data highlights the extent…

  • muminfo2]

    You’re worth £100,000 per year!

    Mar 27, 14 • 2857 Views • Family & WellbeingComments Off

    Infographic courtesy of The full details and in depth points can be found here whilst the infographic can be found here…

  • skills

    Skills gap negatively impacting nearly half of businesses

    Mar 27, 14 • 2412 Views • Sales & GrowthComments Off

    The current job market is not only frustrating for those looking for employment, but also for businesses with open positions that they can not find the talent to hire.  Half of employers say they are concerned with the growing skills gap in Britain and more…