Why your SME retail business must use multiple carriers

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Simon Wright, from Parcelhub.co.uk discusses why SME businesses (And large retailers alike) should use multiple carriers when sending parcels on a regular basis.

With UK eCommerce sector growth of 15.8% in 2014, there has never been a better time to start your own online store.

This growth is driven by a wide variety of factors, ranging from increases in investment by online retailers in mobile-friendly websites (making online retail more accessible), increases in usage of mobile devices, a sharp rise in online card transactions and growing internet adoption rates amongst the aged.

 The problem with relying on a single carrier
The untimely demise of City Link, where over 2,700 people lost their jobs on Christmas Day, also had repercussions with retailers who were reliant upon solely using City Link as their courier service of choice. During the busiest time of year, and when an online retailer needs to rely on their carrier most of all, many were faced with no choice but to cancel transactions, and ultimately losses in sales and reputation occurred.

 The gap in the market
Which brings me on to the gap in the market, which Parcelhub identified in 2010, and has seen growth of 41% in 2014, along with over 20 new jobs created.

This gap in the market, has been met by the introduction of an innovative multi-carrier shipping solution, detailed in the video below:

Parcelhub currently helps over 500 growing UK SMEs save up to 80% on their parcel shipping. With large scale contracts with mainstream carriers such as DHL, YODEL and UK Mail, Parcelhub’s free and innovative shipping software gives you access to multiple carriers, at discounted rates.

Integrating seamlessly with your eBay, Amazon or eCommerce platform, Parcelhub software allows you to effortlessly print labels for your items, ready for collection from your UK business.

Also including tracking, SMS notifications and backup provided by in-house, UK based customer services and software development teams, Parcelhub gives you and your customers the attention you and they deserve.

To learn more about how Parcelhub can help you save time and money on your parcel delivery, please visit our new, mobile friendly website to make an enquiry.

In addition, our new eCommerce sector blog offers the latest developments, along with entertaining guides to help you sell more online.

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