Why Tutoring Agencies Are the Perfect Businesses for Entrepreneur Mums

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Private tutoring in the UK is big business. So much so, that 1 in 4 children use private tutors to help them with their studies. As an entrepreneur mum, you’re in the perfect position to gain a foothold in the tutoring marketplace and grow a business that will provide you and your family with a consistently good income for the long term. Here’s why we think a tutoring agency is the perfect business for entrepreneur mums.

You Can Use Your Existing Knowledge

One of the biggest advantages you have over other people entering into the tutoring industry is that you have first-hand experience of helping children with their studies. You’ll already have a good idea of the curriculum requirements and what’s involved in coursework for certain subjects and any gaps in your knowledge can be quickly remedied with a little research. Any subjects that you don’t feel particularly confident in tutoring you can outsource to other tutors in your area, while keeping a percentage of the lesson fees for yourself.

You Can Work From Your Kitchen Table

Thanks to advancements in technology, a lot of tutoring agencies are run from people’s homes these days. You don’t necessarily need a fancy office building to conduct lessons; a suitable space in your home is often more than adequate to provide a stimulating learning environment. And the administration side of things needn’t be a headache either thanks to industry standard software provided by TutorCruncher. Their tutoring agency management system enables you to keep track of lessons, payments, invoices and other administration duties that can prove time consuming for new agencies.

You Already Have All the Contacts You’ll Need

The best tutoring agencies don’t need much in terms of a marketing budget. Often, the best way to grow a tutoring agency is through word of mouth. Once parents begin to realise how successful your services are, they’ll be knocking on your door morning, noon and night to schedule lessons for their kids. You can start spreading the word about your agency by talking to other parents outside the school gates. News travels fast in local communities and it won’t be long before the word is out about your new business.

You Can Choose Your Working Hours (And Be Your Own Boss)

Being a parent often means that you’re unable to commit to working set hours every day. Setting up a private tutoring agency solves this problem as you’ll be able to schedule your work around your family commitments. Any particular times of day that you can’t manage? No problem, ask one of our team of tutors to cover those lessons while you attend to your other commitments. And of course, the best part about running your own business is that you don’t have anyone to answer to other than yourself. Being your own boss can bring you great job satisfaction as you get to do things on your own terms.

What do you see as being the biggest advantages to running a tutoring agency as a mum? Perhaps you already have your own agency? What advice would you give to mums interested in setting up their own tutoring agency from home? We’d love to hear from you.

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Woody Webster and Malachy Guinness are the creators of TutorCruncher, bespoke management software for the private tutoring industry. TutorCruncher is the market leader in tuition agency technology and is used by many of the top agencies in the UK.

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