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  • katrina

    Mumpreneur Spotlight: MY STORY TO HEALTH

    Aug 6, 15 • 665 Views • Mumpreneur Spotlight, UncategorizedComments Off

    So this happened…I was told I had non-alcoholic fatty liver disease at the end of 2013, after popping to the doctors with pain I had been having for months. I decided to go gluten-free and vegan (mostly raw vegan) to give my body the best chance of…

  • elliefeat

    Mumpreneur Spotlight: BilinguaSing

    May 22, 15 • 1550 Views • Mumpreneur Spotlight, UncategorizedComments Off

    Are you a mum with language skills? Then run your own business with BilinguaSing! In September 2014, learning a foreign language became a compulsory part of the curriculum in English primary schools for Key Stage 2 children (aged 7 years and above). Whilst…

  • What You Need to Know About Workplace Safety

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    You’re a busy working mother and entrepreneur, with never enough hours in the day. You struggle to fit in enough time with your family and enough time at the office, but couldn’t imagine life any other way. Does this sound like you? If so, you might have…

  • Stay Informed and Prepared to Make Childcare More Affordable

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    Childcare can be difficult for new parents to organise and with so many other things going on in their newly-hectic life, many don’t know what they are entitled to receive in terms of free childcare hours and vouchers. If you are a working parent, finding…

  • halle_home

    Mumpreneur Spotlight: Halle-lula Prints

    Mar 3, 15 • 2123 Views • Mumpreneur Spotlight, UncategorizedComments Off

    My name is Leah, I am a lefty and I love to draw. (I think I came into the world holding a pencil) Halle-lula Prints is my small wonderful business which began when I decided not to return to work as a Babywear Designer after starting my family, it simply…

  • hello_daisy

    Mumpreneur Spotlight: Hello Daisy

    Feb 19, 15 • 1565 Views • Mumpreneur Spotlight, UncategorizedComments Off

    We were thrilled to have received a Gold website award for As an online boutique, ensuring that the customer experience is the best standard it can be is vital to our success. We want to ensure that every customer that shops with us will…


    Feb 4, 15 • 1256 Views • UncategorizedComments Off

    In today’s ever more digital world, concerns for our children are moving beyond the traditional worries of them coming home after dark. For now, we’re more worried about what they’re getting up to on the internet – with online payments,…

  • homepage

    Mumpreneur Spotlight: Butterfly Occasions

    Jan 22, 15 • 1540 Views • Articles, UncategorizedComments Off

    Sotiria Spantidea, a busy mother of two, decided to turn her back on her successful IT career in the City to start an online children’s boutique store. Why I quit my city career to set up Butterfly Occasions ….. My journey into entrepreneurship started as…

  • msmiss1

    Mumpreneur Spotlight: MsMissMrs

    Dec 3, 14 • 1629 Views • Articles, UncategorizedComments Off

    Tell us about yourself and what difficulties you faced in your own life before setting up your business? I am the founder of a social enterprise called MsMissMrs CIC. I spent several years of my youth in children’s homes, left school at the age of 15 with…

  • features

    Mumpreneur Spotlight: Chez Lola

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    Two redundancies within two years is a sign of the tough economy the UK is going through at the moment. My name is Samantha Storey, aged 38 and mum of one 16 year old and this was the situation I was faced with earlier this year. After having worked for…