‘Toucan’ Play At That Game!

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toucanBox was created two years ago to fulfill kids’ love to create arts and crafts and parents wanting to encourage their children to learn through play and discovery.

At the time, my daughter Hannah, was three and she desperately wanted to create the crafts she would see on TV there and then, but more often than not she would be left disappointed. Despite my greatest intentions I didn’t have the “every day” materials needed: Who actually has 24 ice-cream sticks at home, or clay or plaster rolls? By the time I could get to the store, (I also had a newborn so wasn’t that easy to get out at all), I couldn’t find all the things I needed and so much time would go by that I couldn’t find the initial craft instructions anymore, or we simply never got round to it.

With toucanBox, children aged 3-8 can construct, explore and create, while providing parents with an easy, ready-made, educational solution delivered straight to the door. Quality time, Delivered!

Kids love to get mail, especially when they see a beautiful and colourful box with their name on it. They love The Toucan, our logo, which has become a friendly and familiar mascot. They simply can’t wait for the new box to arrive and find out what adventure they will be going on next – could it be Dinosaurs, Pirates, Bugs, Ocean? We have over 50 themes and our crafts bring those themes to life for them. Each one of our bigger boxes contains one reading book, all the materials for two to four exciting activities, a colourful and pictorial instruction booklet, and a parent card that links each craft back to the National Curriculum. The great thing is that once the crafts are made, they are being used as a toy and are particularly good for imaginative play.



Kids love the toucanBox, but parents do too. Parents these days are very aware of the importance of early childhood development activities and want to spend “quality time with their children”. This isn’t always easy, life has become very busy and there never seems to be enough time. toucanBox is very convenient, because everything that is needed – the idea, the instructions and the materials, is right there to be done. So the next time your child has an impulse to make a craft, there is no reason not to. There has been a lot of discussion around screen time, and I believe a good balance is key. toucanBox gets children playing with hands-on, crafty, imaginative activities. We’ve had a lot of parents come to us and say “I’ve spent really nice time with my children”

We are also finding that our toucanBoxes are being bought more and more by grandparents as gifts that keep on giving, and more and more parents are opting to buy their kids friends more traditional, fun and educational birthday presents. We’ve had great interest in our birthday party packs and we are also getting requests for our toucanBoxes as wedding favours as a way to keep the kids entertained through what can be very long sit-down dinners for them.

Our toucanBox stimulates children’s creative development and gives them a fantastic opportunity to express themselves using colour, form and different materials. It’s educational- the crafts are designed by child development experts and are linked back to the EYFS and KS1 National Curriculum. We are helping to raise quite a lot of money for schools and charities through our boxes.  For example, the Superhero box we did a while ago was designed in conjunction with Dream Flight, so the money we raised from the box went to that charity.  It was about being an everyday superhero so the kids were having fun pretending to be a superhero and the message was that they can be superheroes in their day-to-day lives.  Now, it’s an ongoing thing that we raise money for schools or whatever charities people choose, through the sales of our small box.  For each new person that tries toucanBox, they’ll raise £1 for the charity of their choice.

We recently launched our Petite toucanBox which contains one craft and fits through the letterbox. We would love to offer MumpreneurUk readers and followers their first Petite box for FREE with the code mumpreneuruk. This is to be redeemed at

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