Suburban PA’s journey to launch

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When it comes to business, it can be a struggle to find the right time to start. I haven’t been trading for long at all, only since February 2014 as Suburban PA, but my business has been a long time in planning, and I have dreamed of owning and running my own business for a number of years. Finally my dream has been realised.

Having two children and juggling a business can be tricky, therefore although the business has been in its planning stages for quite some time, since 2005 actually, it’s only since February I have been able to get truly up and running. The name and business plan were created back in 2005, but nerves and lack of confidence held me back, and by the time my hand was forced with a redundancy in 2011, I fell pregnant with my second child, and felt that it would be a good idea to shelve my plans with a newborn to cope with.

Now my youngest is a happy toddler, I have more time to focus and concentrate, and I can bring all that I need to succeed with Suburban PA in terms of time and resources, along with being able to give time to my family. It’s the perfect combination.

About the business – Suburban PA

Having worked as a PA for over 20 years, dealing with some internationally renowned clients such as Samsung, Siemens and the NHS to name but a few, it made sense for me to utilise my experience and contacts to make light work of many different tasks for busy executives or small business owners.

I looked at what was out there already and decided to offer my experience under the name Suburban PA, which could cover a variety of different needs my clients may have. The website is nearly finished and I am so excited about it.

My experience across the board spanning diary management, event planning, preparing PowerPoint presentations, lifestyle organisation and travel planning along with general admin makes it easy for me to pick up tasks with minimal brief and follow through to a satisfactory conclusion for my clients so I offer various different packages, from hourly rate tasks, right through to regular ongoing PA support in order to cover all angles.

My ultimate goal is to provide small businesses and entrepreneurs a professional, quality, trustworthy and efficient service to help them concentrate on running their business and alleviate the stress of the tasks that they don’t have time for. I want to make myself indispensable to my clients and I think although it will take hard work, my experience and organizational skills will ensure they’ll be happy with my services.


My Tips for new Mumpreneurs

  • Don’t be too nervous to give it a go. Businesses like mine have very few start up costs, and when you think about it, you’ve got all of those costs related with going out to work anyway – so it’s worth trying.
  • Make sure you can give it enough time, particularly if you’ve got a young family. I’m glad I’ve waited, as I am so much more confident that I’ll be able to give my business the time it deserves, and I’ll be much more able to keep on top of my work.
  • Make sure you set some hours to relax. We all know that starting a business can be stressful and time consuming, but if you don’t take time out for yourself, you can’t step back and take a look at what needs doing next. It really helps with organisation.

How Suburban PA works for me – Why I love being a Mumpreneur

Suburban PA works so well for me. I love taking care of my children and husband, and I can ensure that I take on the right amount of work to facilitate a great work/life balance. Seeing my children grow up is important to me, and if I feel that I can do that whilst owning my own business, and bringing some money in, then it gives me the motivation and drive to succeed. Although my business has been a long time in the making, it’s clear to see already that I’ve made the right choice, and Suburban PA has given me the freedom to break free of the office grind, and strike out on my own.


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