My Musical Daughter Was My Inspiration

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Hi, my name is Kate and I’d like to tell you a little about my business ‘Harminis’.

Way back in 2007 my daughter Molly was about 18 months old. She was showing a real musical flare and I wanted to take her to a children’s music group. After researching the area it transpired that our nearest class was over 20 miles away. At the time I was a childminder, and after working out how much it would be to take Molly, the little girl I looked after, and the cost of petrol both ways I quickly ruled it out!

I decided that as I have a musical background, I would start a little hobby group at the local jungle themed soft play area, at the time named Animal Antics.

Little Monkeys’ Music and Movement classes were born and soon became a roaring success after I launched it properly as a business and not just a meet up group in June 2008. I had groups across the ryedale and coastal area and trained a lady to help me with the excessive bookings I was receiving and also ran birthday parties. Fast forward to September 2013, over 5 years later.

I received a letter from a solicitor acting on behalf of another music and movement company, who were claiming that I was infringing on their trademark and that I must cease trading within 28 days or they would take me to court. I thought this was very unfair and after consulting a solicitor and finding out what they charged (!) I had no other option but to change the name of my business. I politely pointed out to the solicitor that I earn less in a week than she did in an hour, so thanks but no thanks I am a single parent and have a daughter to feed!

After months of brain storming, panicking, running competitions in the local paper, asking anyone I knew for inspiration we came up eventually with tiger beats. I didn’t like it but I was out of time! With the first trademark application I was warned it would face opposition and unlikely to be passed. Try again. Back to square one! I almost gave up, I nearly closed the business. But from somewhere, I don’t know where I dug a little deeper and found more strength.

My lovely mums that stay for coffee after class all helped out in yet another brainstorming session and somewhere in the midst of the chaos Harminis came up. It’s a made up word, not trademarked, domain names were available….we had cracked it!

So where am I at now?

The name changed to Harminis on April 1st 2014. After having spent so much time and money on the rebrand I thought it would be plain silly not to move forward with my business plan that had stagnated, I had got myself into a happy little rut with enough work to keep me and Molly. I could still take her to school and pick her up most days. On the odd day I couldn’t my mum would step in.

Now, I am determined to get on with the business plan and franchise Harminis, and take my fair share of the market place. I will not be bullied out! So right now I’m looking for mumpreneurs with franchising expertise and I also need to record a set of CDs to use in class, so if this is something you know about please get I touch! I will also be on the look out for pilot franchisees, people who test out the model for me before it rolls out fully.

Have a look at the website www.harminis.com and let me know what you think!

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