Mumpreneur Spotlight: The Therapy Place

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Life’s a Journey….Keep Moving
Life changes everyday, sometimes we have plans for the change and sometimes events shock us down a different road…. My journey started much earlier than I probably would like to admit, even to myself, and culminated with the wonderful, rewarding work I do now, everyday for both adult and child individuals.
The evolution of The Therapy Place started its life eight years ago with a family loss that shocked all our foundations. The journey forward was different, hard, often painful and now joyful and thoroughly fulfilling. Whilst mending I studied very hard, psychology, clinical hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, neurodevelopment, child development, you name it I have probably looked into it somewhere along the way. I have heard the saying ‘when people throw you lemons, find some ice and have a gin & tonic!’ Well the same can be said for life’s challenges, we can say to ourselves ‘when life throws us boulders, we can get hit or we can choose to change direction’.
The Therapy Place has evolved, developed and changed from initially understanding and supporting adult individuals who were struggling with life, with traditional methods of clinical hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy through to finding unique therapeutic solutions, support and understanding for initially, my daughter, who has learning challenges and since, other young individuals who are finding life tough. People began to hear and see the changes within my daughter and other young adults I was working with and began to ask about the techniques and whether I could assist them (or their child).
Through the demand for different approaches to our wellbeing, The Therapy Place was born and is known as a unique Adult & Child Complementary Therapy Centre. The centre specializes in the belief that everyone’s individual, unique and special and as such views life completely differently than anyone else, the centre supports individual adults, children and their families to develop understanding, acceptance, confidence and self-esteem through a variety of methods to move forward in life in a more beneficial way for themselves as individuals and/or as a team.
The centre offers complementary therapeutic support through Clinical Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Approaches (CBT), Neurodevelopment, Behavioural & Movement Programmes and is able to assist each and every individual to access their unique abilities and support them in finding their skills and strengths independently of their social, cultural and/or economic surroundings.
Working in partnership with the medical profession and the educational establishment to ensure that each individual has the best and most appropriate intervention available for the quickest possible journey forward into a happy, contented life.



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