Mumpreneur Spotlight: MsMissMrs

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Tell us about yourself and what difficulties you faced in your own life before setting up your business?
I am the founder of a social enterprise called MsMissMrs CIC. I spent several years of my youth in children’s homes, left school at the age of 15 with little education and had my now 20yr old daughter at the age of 16. I had difficulties in my younger life which contributed to feelings of low self- worth which showed its self in my relationship with myself and others. The difficult experiences I had faced as a young girl had left me at an emotionally, mental and social disadvantage, I had already started my journey in to adulthood ill-equipped and with little self-awareness. I knew if I did not change it I would keep getting what I had and not what I wanted. It was in my mid 20s when I returned to studies where I graduated and began working with cross sectors of people suffering from mental health problems due to ill health or trauma. I began my own recovery toward emotional, mental and physical self-care around the same time.

Tell us about MsMissMrs and what inspired you to set it up?
MsMissMrs is social enterprise set up in Glasgow last year to address poor self-care and the low self-esteem and their effects for women and girls who have suffered as a result of a difficult experience. I was inspired to create simple but resourceful tools for everyday living when I seen the debilitating effects of low self-worth within my community. Our self-care plan workbooks have been specially designed to focus on exploring Self-Care and Self-Awareness as a pathway to Empowerment for women and girls who are rebuilding esteem after a difficult journey.

What is the story behind your Empowerment Pants?
Empowerment Pants is a fun way to get across an important message, I wanted to create a fun pair of superheroine undies that could be offered as a gift to our friends, sisters, mums at times of support, connection and extra empowerment, the sale of Empowerment pants helps our project raise income to offer free workshops for women and girls in need. I have found that it creates a lot of smiles when I tell people what they are. We all deal with difficult times in our life and mustering the strength to self-care is a challenge, the pants are a fun way and reminder that we are Empowerment Heroines no matter what is happening. Empowerment pants have been made with loving care and in very limited amounts. They are made with beautiful quality cotton and spandex.pants

What were the biggest challenges in the early months?
There was a lot more work than I thought, I became responsible for doing most things on my own until there was a proof of concept. Having ideas are amazing but the real work happened when the action began. There was little time and money, I lacked skills in business plans, financials and intellectual property which made things very challenging at the beginning.

 Lessons you learned (and wish you’d known before?)
Ask for help and don’t try to do everything yourself, Things take time so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

What can be expected from your workshops?
The workshops are a mixture of facilitator presentations, participant experiences and skills practises in small groups, while led by myself each workshop allows for structure and open discussion, and the women and girls are fully encouraged to draw upon their own life skills and experiences throughout .As the workshops progress, everyone develops their own self-empowerment–plan which provides a framework for going forward. The concentration of the workshop is on two main areas. The first area focuses on building a relationship with yourself and the second area looks at relationship with others. Some of the topics explored are physical self-care, understanding and setting boundaries, values in relationships, self-love actions and the roles they have in increasing self-worth.


What is the main contributor to low self-worth?
I think this can be different for many people but for myself and the other women and girls I have come in to contact with I would say that Low self-worth forms as a result of difficult experiences. When someone feels loved and safe, is treated lovingly when they feel valued, supported and nurtured they will most likely start life feeling a scene of worth and belonging, If on the other hand, they are mistreated, neglected or unsupported there maybe the possibility of having low self-worth. Other contributors can be emotional verbal or sexual abuse.
What type of super powers can one expect to receive from wearing the empowerment pants and where can we purchase them?
Apart from being super comfy!! Empowerment Pants are for those days when you need reminding how great you are, stand back and marvel at yourself as the heroine in your own life. The super heroine powers are only activated by the wearer and are completely unique to the owner needs. They can even be worn over tights and trousers, if the notion takes but we accept no responsibility for the funny looks.


 How would you define personal power and what advice would you give to someone wanting to regain theirs?
For me I would define personal power as the ability to make decisions in my own life based on self-awareness and self-acceptance, rather than make them based on feelings of unworthiness. I believe regaining personal power is a journey, there are no quick fixes and nor would we want there to be as great things take time. I believe Self-awareness is the key to regaining personal power and this can be achieved by exploring mental, emotional and physical self-care. It’s also important to remember its progress rather than perfection.

Empowerment Pants can be purchased on-line from our website
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