Mumpreneur Spotlight: Dorne McLoughlin

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Today Dorne shares her story of how she is building a Digital Online Marketing Business whilst still having a full-time job as a Business Development Manager for a Soft Drinks Company, and not to mention being a Wife and Mum to Grace age 8 and Reuben age 6.

Having looked into lots of business ideas over the years, Dorne will tell you how she found her perfect business in August 2014 and is now taking full advantage of the Digital Economy by building her own Online Marketing Business and Brand.

So First and Foremost – How Do You Fit It All In?

Good question! I guess if you want something badly enough you will always ‘make’ the time.

I had a very busy life before I started my business, so I certainly never had the time, but having searched for the perfect business for so long I make sure that I ‘make’ time every single day to build my business. In fact I have not had a day off my business since I started it.

It’s quite funny as I often look back and think “why did I think I was so busy before, this is a whole different league of busy”!

So yes, as well as building my Online Business, I am also working full-time as a Business Development Manager for a Soft Drinks company and I have approximately 600 customers and manage a product portfolio of £1.5 million. On top of this I still have to ensure I am being a good mum and wife.

We are like any other family these days – we have Swimming on Tuesdays, Gymnastics on Wednesdays and Thursdays, we will have Rugby starting in Summer; and then there’s the children’s homework, housework and trying to have quality family time too. It can certainly be a challenge, but it now means that I have to manage my time much better.

For example, I have five lots of school uniform for both of the children. That way I know they have a clean uniform for every day of the week and it takes the pressure off having to wash and iron mid-week. Although I do have the odd week where this doesn’t always work out and that’s when I could kick myself for not being on top of it. I have also decided to treat myself to a cleaner now too.

Finding the time for my business is pretty easy to be honest, and the reason for this is because I absolutely love my business. I strongly believe that the Key Ingredient to any successful business is having a love for what you do, otherwise what is the point?

I spend most evenings working on my business when the children have gone to bed and I will often set my alarm clock for 5.30am so I can fit 2 hours of work in before the children get up for school. I never used to take an ‘official’ lunch-break, as when you work in Field Sales there is no such thing as an hour for lunch – you tend to eat on the run. However, I now make sure that I have my hour every single day and find myself a nice coffee shop with Wifi where I can grab a Sandwich and a Latte whilst building my business.

This is the most amazing thing about building a ‘Digital’ business – I can run my business from literally anywhere. As long as I have my Laptop and a Wifi connection, I am good to go.

What made you decide to start a Digital Business?

I can honestly say that I did not go looking for the business I have today, the business actually presented itself to me. It was in August this year (2014) that I just happened to notice an Advert in my Facebook feed that read:

Live a Laptop Lifestyle – Build A Digital Business and Escape The 9-5 Rat Race’!

Funnily enough I don’t usually click on these Adverts, but clearly I was drawn to it. I was actually laid in bed at the time and was preparing myself for an early night, which did not happen due to my excitement at what I had found!

What Is a Digital Business?

A Digital Business can have various meanings, but for me I am able to earn money by promoting and selling other peoples products using Online Marketing methods. I guess it is similar to the large department stores who market and sell other peoples brands of product, but without all the overheads that go along with it. The terminology is known as being an Affiliate.

The business that I am building allows me to leverage from a product that enables me earn whilst I learn. I have been provided with all the necessary tools and training to be able to market the very product I am an affiliate for.

The most wonderful thing about the Digital Business System that I am using to build my business and market, is that it offers massive value. This is the most crucial factor when starting an Online Business – the customer needs to feel like they are receiving more value back that what they paid. In return for massive value you can command what is known as High Ticket sales within the industry. I am able to generate profits from $1,000 up to $8,000 per sale. Also, the reason it is in dollars is due to it being a world wide business and therefore to convert it in to each countries currently would be an Administrational nightmare.

As you can see, I already had a very busy life and therefore for me I wasn’t after a part-time job that would earn a couple of hundred pounds extra per month – I needed to be part of a proven business system that would allow me to replace my Annual Salary, Quarterly Bonuses and Company Car.

Where Do You See Your Future With Your Online Business?

I cannot believe what I already know in just the space of 4 short months – it’s incredible. The fact that I have learnt all of this from the comfort of my home makes it even better.

My goal is to leave my full-time job by 30th June 2015 as by this point I will have more than replaced my current Annual Income, Quarterly Bonuses and Company Car. I think 10 months of running a Digital Business and having a full-time job is enough for me, ha-ha!

I am extremely excited about the future of my business as it is only until you actually start building a Digital Business that you realise that we have only just scratched the surface with what our technology can do. If you think about it, Facebook only started 10 years ago and the iPhone was only launched 7 years ago. Technology is advancing each and every day and I for one am so glad that I have got in on the action now, and I am not looking back in 10 years thinking “What If”?

Another reason I feel the need to be part of the Digital Economy is so that I can help to build a solid future for my children. With my children having at least another 10 years at school I have no idea what career options will be available, so with Mummy having a Digital Business it will mean that I am advancing each and every year as our technology grows. Who knows, they may take over my Digita; Business one day!

My head does literally hurt some days as it is full of ideas already for my business – but I also appreciate that I shouldn’t run before I can walk. But I would like to write a Book/eBook in the not too distant future and it will give all the tips and techniques that I have used to build a Digital Business whilst still having a full-time job. I have plans to create courses in the future and I am currently collating website addresses, PDF Files, saving Webinars, Podcasts, etc – so that when the time comes when I know what course I want to launch I will have a file full of research.

This may all sound way too technical – but trust me, I couldn’t even use iTunes and iClouds when I started, but now I have a Digital Online Business and I am creating Marketing Campaigns. Actually, if I am being honest I still get really confused with the passwords for iTunes and iClouds – I can never get in!

Can Anybody Build A Digital Business?

My first reaction would be to say Yes, almost anybody can build an Online Business. However, this is REAL business and you have to treat it as such. As the old saying goes “Hard Work Brings Prosperity, Playing Around Brings Poverty”!

To give you an example of how you need to work hard – the time of writing this line of text is 2.14am on Wednesday 17th December and the deadline for this article is at 8am – Yes that is right, 6hrs time! I am supposed to be getting some sleep at some point as I am up again at 7am.

Unfortunately things happened in my day job that was out of my control and also my brother was admitted to hospital and then a mirror fell off the top of my desk on Sunday, hit me on the head and smashed my laptop screen – can you believe that! I am currently sat with HDMI cables in the back of the TV as I have not had time to go buy a new laptop yet. It is on my To Do list for tomorrow though.

I guess what I am trying to say is that none of the above is an excuse – I have committed to a deadline for this article and I will be damned if I do not get if finished in time. I will proof read it to be best of my ability though (ha-ha)!

Going back to can anybody do this – I know and connect with many people who earn six figure incomes from using the exact same digital business system that I am using and marketing. The one thing they all have in common is the fact that they were prepared to invest time and money in the early days of their business and stuck around long enough for it to pay off. This is not a get rich quick fad, it is a Digital Franchise that pays time and money back ten-fold.

Personally I can never understand why people do that, as you wouldn’t open a shop and after 2 months of having no customers just shut the doors – you would do everything in your power to find those customers.

Unfortunately for most people if they don’t see immediate results then they give up too easily. I heard a very good expression recently and that was “Entrepreneurs can stand a NO WIN longer than the average person” – I guess this is true, otherwise the world would be full of Millionaires!

So to finish off, what is your biggest WHY?

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