Mumpreneur Awards Categories


The Spark Award is open to businesses launched on, or after, 6th April 2013. We’re on the lookout for someone who has created the biggest impact in the shortest space of time.


The Wired Award Is open to businesses who operate online. We’re on the lookout for someone whose website is visually pleasing and easy to use with good products and who can prove that getting online is a great investment for any business.


The Pillar Business Award is open to businesses that support others in some way, be it business to business services, or supportive services to the public. We’re on the lookout for someone who provides accessible, affordable services and a fantastic support system to others.


The Boost Award is open to businesses who can demonstrate high growth. Our judges will be looking for businesses that bucked the trend during the recession and expanded their market, product range, business size or anything else that you think demonstrates extraordinary growth.


The Reach Award is open to businesses that trade on an international basis. It could be selling to consumers online, exporting goods to other countries or any other way that you work outside of the UK.





The Champion Award is a new award open to charities and non-profit organisations who are working for the good of others. We want to know how your organisation has helped, encouraged or assisted others. We know there are some fantastic charities out there and we want to celebrate them!


The Courage Award is open to those who have been through an extraordinary journey on their way to their business success. We know that there are plenty of business owners who have been to hell and back in pursuit of their dreams and now it’s time you receive the recognition you deserve.


The Engage Award is open to businesses that work in close contact with its clients. We’re on the lookout for a passionate people person whose business is based upon interacting with others as an integral part of the work they do.





The Unique Award is open to those that have created a unique business or service. Did you spot a gap in the market and find a way to fill it? Then this is the category for you.





Some of the most amazing products are invented by parents. We are looking for products that solve a problem, are innovative or simply a fantastic twist on an existing idea!


We’ve spotted some amazing blogs and even better some amazing bloggers! We’re on the lookout for parent run blogs that cover all areas – family, business, lifestyle, anything!


This is an award which all shortlisted nominees will be put forward to win. We’re looking for the most inspirational and amazing Mumpreneur and Dadpreneur out there who are ready to fly the flag for the UK’s dedicated parents running businesses, inspire more to start up in business, and be an inspiration to every parent in the UK.