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  • AveryInfographicLongThumbs3

    Avery WePrint reveals shopping with small businesses makes us happy

    Sep 14, 15 • 1258 Views • ArticlesComments Off

    With trust in big business at an all time low, research signals a new era in consumer purchasing habits, with small businesses having the advantage. A study of 2,000 UK adults, commissioned by new web-to-print service WePrint, has revealed there’s more to…

  • maya1a

    Mumpreneur Spotlight: Maya Haiman-Eilon

    Sep 10, 15 • 1063 Views • Mumpreneur SpotlightComments Off

    Maya Haiman-Eilon is a mum of three and co-founder of Pilates on Demand Ltd. What is your business and when did you launch it? Pilates on Demand is Europe’s leading Pilates website where you can enjoy unlimited access to a fantastic…

  • katrina

    Mumpreneur Spotlight: MY STORY TO HEALTH

    Aug 6, 15 • 1180 Views • Mumpreneur Spotlight, UncategorizedComments Off

    So this happened…I was told I had non-alcoholic fatty liver disease at the end of 2013, after popping to the doctors with pain I had been having for months. I decided to go gluten-free and vegan (mostly raw vegan) to give my body the best chance of…

  • karen5

    Mumpreneur Spotlight: Burble Baby

    Jul 28, 15 • 1815 Views • Mumpreneur SpotlightComments Off

    My own burbling babies are definitely the main inspiration and muse for Burble Baby! In fact, you could say that it started with a Burble! I vividly remember taking a stroll around my local beauty spot with baby no. 3 strapped to my front. We paused by a…

  • sarah1

    Mumpreneur Spotlight: South Hill Designs

    Jun 3, 15 • 1648 Views • Mumpreneur SpotlightComments Off

    Hi everyone! I’m Sarah Ridge and I’m a forty something mother of two from Leigh-on-sea in Essex! Firstly, I’d like to say thank you to Mumpreneur UK for allowing me to introduce you to my business, South Hill Designs. I’ll be honest and say I’ve…

  • elliefeat

    Mumpreneur Spotlight: BilinguaSing

    May 22, 15 • 1804 Views • Mumpreneur Spotlight, UncategorizedComments Off

    Are you a mum with language skills? Then run your own business with BilinguaSing! In September 2014, learning a foreign language became a compulsory part of the curriculum in English primary schools for Key Stage 2 children (aged 7 years and above). Whilst…

  • faye_1

    Mumpreneur Spotlight: Global Synergy Inspired Limited

    May 20, 15 • 1716 Views • Mumpreneur SpotlightComments Off

      Global Synergy Inspired Limited – coaching people to achieve a better future. Hi My name is Faye Daly I am a very busy Mum to two small children Oliver and Isabelle, I am also a very successful business owner and coach operating alongside the…

  • sonja_featured

    Mumpreneur Spotlight: Sonja Cresswell

    May 18, 15 • 1370 Views • Mumpreneur SpotlightComments Off

    Hi I’m Sonja… mother to Dylan (aged 6), wife to Ian and a freelance graphic designer. My company is Sonja Cresswell Design. Having worked in the design industry for 10 years, the second half of that in the gaming media industry, I decided to go freelance…

  • lara

    Mumpreneur Spotlight: Corporate Baby

    May 18, 15 • 1027 Views • Mumpreneur SpotlightComments Off

    Hi my name is Lara and I am the owner and inspirational driving force behind Corporate Baby. I was born in Guildford and I studied at Farnham Art College and live in Shalford near Guildford with my husband and twin girls. Corporate Baby was established in…

  • SallyFeature

    Mumpreneur Spotlight: Kids Bee Happy

    May 15, 15 • 1046 Views • Mumpreneur SpotlightComments Off

    Is Kids Bee Happy Sand Art just for kids or could it be therapy for the big kid in all of us? Kids Bee happy is a British award winning eco friendly company owned by Sandra and Alaistair Patterson who have run extremely successful businesses prior to falling…