How to get your customers to spend more on your website

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In this blog I will cover a few tips on how you can maximise online orders by getting your customers to spend more.

1 Cross-sell and upsell
Firstly, you need to offer visitors more products that might interest them. You do this using cross-selling and upselling marketing features like ‘Also Bought’, ‘Best Sellers’, ‘Frequently Bought Together’, ‘Related Products’ and ‘Free Delivery Price Nudge’. I covered these in detail in my last post.

2 Look the part
All visitors make up their mind almost instantly, as to whether they want to stay on a site and look around, or click away. This decision is based on the design of your online store; the look and feel.

Therefore, it’s important to make your site look not only professional, but also friendly and relevant to your target market. Things like using an appropriate colour scheme and font type, placing tabs and buttons so that navigation is intuitive (test out the beta design on friends), and ensuring your copy has no typos or grammatical errors, all make a difference.

3 Pretty as a picture
I can’t emphasise enough the importance of good photography in getting folks to spend. Look at ASOS for example, or M&S; they show different angles, colours & let you zoom in for the detail. It’s worth investing in a good DSLR camera and training in how to talk product shots.

4 Help customers find the products they want
You can help your customers find the products that they are after by using persona-based navigation. This is where you base your menus on different customer needs, known as ‘personas’.

To create your own set of customer personas, you need to do some market research. Use your order histories and contact your customers. Find out why they bought the products they did; what they used them for; then base your navigation around that. For example, if you were selling clothing, you could make some of your navigation links say: ‘Party All Night’ or ‘Working with style’.

5 Tell the full story
Give visitors as much information as possible. Nothing is more off putting than not being sure if an item is quite what you want because the description is inadequate. If you don’t want to clutter the site, add a link or tab to a separate page that gives the details.

6 Add reviews
People are influenced by what others think and showing feedback on your products should help the buying decision. If possible use an independent third party so that customers know that the comments are genuine and can see your response to any negative feedback. My company’s ecommerce software uses Feefo, but there are others if you do a search.

So by employing the above tactics I think you’ll find that customers start to spend more in your web store. Take a hard look at your pages and see what you can improve.

Jenny Bray of SellerDeck, the ecommerce software specialist for small businesses.


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