Goal setting

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Today I want to write about a fairly personal topic to me today… This morning I dropped off my three year old daughter to pre-school for her first full day after her induction morning on Wednesday (2 days before today). It is a new challenge and a new horizon for her – its a scary day for Isabella!

We all have to face new challenges, new horizons and new goals which can be scary in different ways. Setting goals will challenge you and your business – it will be difficult, it will present new horizons and sometimes it may even be upsetting. BUT how will we learn, develop or grow without those new horizons and new challenges. Setting yourself goals within life and your business is essential for success although it is actually something many adults fail to do regularly unlike our children!

I would like each of you reading this blog today to consider new challenges and new horizons to stretch and challenge you – short term, medium term and even long term! Follow through on them and discover new scary, but exciting places and rewards.

I know Isabella was scared and even a little upset this morning, but I also know it wont be long till she is home and telling us what a great time she had, so become a child again and explore your world! Be brave and set those goals whatever they may be and go for it!

Some possible goals you could consider setting –

1. Sales goals,

2. Referral goals,

3. New links to your website,

4. Giving up smoking or coffee,


Good luck and believe in yourself, you know and the people around you know you can do it… become a child again and explore our world!!! Let me know your goals and challenges and of course your successes… share it with us please in your comments!

Hants Biz Coach

by Elizabeth Graney, Hants Biz Coach, IFEWP & National Weddings



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