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  • michellefeat

    Mumpreneur Spotlight: Bumps, Babies and Beyond Events

    May 12, 15 • 829 Views • Mumpreneur SpotlightComments Off

    My name is Michelle, I’m Mum of three children (Georgina 7, Alistair 4, and Isabella 1) and I own Bumps, Babies and Beyond Events. I decided to set up Bumps, Babies and Beyond Events in September 2014 after Izzy was born with an extremely rare genetic…

  • gavel

    Laws Made for Mumpreneurs

    May 11, 15 • 620 Views • Legal MattersComments Off

    By Rebecca Bridges at Taylor Rose Law LLP Modern changes in employment law have tried to help strike a balance between those who want to raise a family, whilst also still being able to work/return to work. These are often referred to as ‘family-friendly…


    Mumpreneur Spotlight: French Grey Tales

    Apr 14, 15 • 1627 Views • Mumpreneur SpotlightComments Off

    We are French Grey Tales in Morpeth Northumberland. FGT started its life in May 2012. Back in 2009 we started our family. Our first born child Daisy Welsh was born very early she was a 24 weeker, born 2 hours past the abortion limit and weighed just 1lb 7oz….

  • mitk

    Mums In The Know

    Mar 24, 15 • 2934 Views • Mumpreneur SpotlightComments Off

    Alex Uprichard and Dawn Hayes launched Mums In The Know when they spotted an opening for an interactive, social media-heavy and hyperlocal online resource for parents. Mums in the Know is now a fast-growing community of websites featuring not only what’s on…

  • halle_home

    Mumpreneur Spotlight: Halle-lula Prints

    Mar 3, 15 • 2123 Views • Mumpreneur Spotlight, UncategorizedComments Off

    My name is Leah, I am a lefty and I love to draw. (I think I came into the world holding a pencil) Halle-lula Prints is my small wonderful business which began when I decided not to return to work as a Babywear Designer after starting my family, it simply…

  • waggingtails__

    Mumpreneur Spotlight: Wagging Tails

    Feb 25, 15 • 2392 Views • Mumpreneur SpotlightComments Off

    Hi my name’s Lisa Suswain and I set up Wagging Tails in 2007. I’d actually retired from my career as a professional ballet dancer and had a successful career in customer service both for a major bank and in estate agency before the idea for Wagging Tails…

  • hello_daisy

    Mumpreneur Spotlight: Hello Daisy

    Feb 19, 15 • 1565 Views • Mumpreneur Spotlight, UncategorizedComments Off

    We were thrilled to have received a Gold website award for As an online boutique, ensuring that the customer experience is the best standard it can be is vital to our success. We want to ensure that every customer that shops with us will…

  • mamaF

    Mumpreneur Spotlight: Mamazou

    Jan 28, 15 • 2312 Views • Mumpreneur SpotlightComments Off

    Jennifer Raymond, founder of Mamazou (the new social network for parents) explains why the site has been created… Today’s parents have access to more information than the parents of yesterday via the internet and are able to arm themselves with…

  • steps

    5 Steps For Social Success

    Jan 27, 15 • 2014 Views • Social MediaComments Off

    Social media has become a key factor in defining a business’s success. Without an online influence and a wealth of followers at your fingertips you’re out in the cold. Combined with traditional marketing methods, the digital realm can expand brand…

  • homepage

    Mumpreneur Spotlight: Butterfly Occasions

    Jan 22, 15 • 1540 Views • Articles, UncategorizedComments Off

    Sotiria Spantidea, a busy mother of two, decided to turn her back on her successful IT career in the City to start an online children’s boutique store. Why I quit my city career to set up Butterfly Occasions ….. My journey into entrepreneurship started as…